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©REUTERS Kazakhstan needs asteroid observation stations: astrophysicist Many space objects remain undiscovered and some of them pose a threat to the Earth. Astrophysicist Victor Teifel says it is time to build a special station for detection of asteroids in Kazakhstan.
15 декабря 2014
NASA asteroid defense program falls short: audit The US space agency's program to detect and protect the Earth from incoming asteroids is poorly managed and far behind schedule.
16 сентября 2014
Japan space agency unveils asteroid hunting probe Japanese space scientists have unveiled the asteroid hunting space probe they hope to launch later this year on a mission to mine a celestial body.
02 сентября 2014
©REUTERS Vast asteroid impact zone found in Australia Scientists have discovered a massive 200-kilometre (124-mile) impact zone in the Australian outback they believe was caused by an asteroid which smashed into Earth more than 300 million years ago.
20 февраля 2013
NASA scrambles for better asteroid detection NASA, universities and private groups in the US are working on asteroid warning systems that can detect objects from space like the one that struck Russia last week with a blinding flash and mighty boom.
19 февраля 2013
Asteroid whizzes safely past Earth A closely tracked asteroid, about 150-feet (45-meters) wide, whizzed safely past Earth on Friday, the same day a much smaller, previously undetected meteor hit Russia.
17 февраля 2013
Asteroid to whiz past Earth Friday NASA is keeping close tabs on a sizable asteroid set to whiz past our planet Friday in what the US space agency says is the closest flyby ever predicted for such a large object.
15 февраля 2013
©REUTERS/Eloy Alonso Asteroid strike did in the dinosaurs: study Scientists said Thursday they are a step closer to proving the death blow for dinosaurs 66 million years ago was a gigantic comet or asteroid that struck near Mexico.
09 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Near impact: asteroid to narrowly miss Earth Hold on to your hats: an asteroid will zoom within spitting distance of Earth next week, in what NASA said Thursday is the closest flyby ever predicted for an object this large.
08 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Trips to craters in East Kazakhstan is popular with foreign tourists Trips to craters located close to Ust-Kamenogorsk are becoming popular with foreign tourists.
14 мая 2011
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