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© ADB predicts Kazakhstan's GPD to slow down to 1.5 percent in 2015 ADB lowered its forecast for Kazakhstan's economic growth expecting a decrease in private consumption in response to higher import prices and diminished private investment.
30 сентября 2015
ADB. ©Reuters ADB provides a loan of $122 million to support S&MBs in Kazakhstan The loan is part of the second tranche of the $500 million program to support S&MBs approved by the ADB in 2012.
04 ноября 2014
Illustration a courtesy of Tengrinews Asian Development Bank to co-finance projects funded out of the National Oil Fund One of the sources to boost the country’s economy growth will be $5.5 billion out of the National Oil Fund to be allocated in 2014 and 2015, Minister of Economic Affairs Yerbolat Dossayev said April 14.
04 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Nazarbayev discusses cooperation with Asian Development Bank President Nazarbayev has met with the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Takehiko Nakao to discuss future cooperation.
02 мая 2014
12th ministerial conference of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation. ©Marat Abilov Kazakhstan wants to get rid of aid recipient status with ADB Kazakhstan no longer wants the status of aid recipient with the Asian Development Bank and plans to become a partner of the bank instead.
24 октября 2013
ADB. ©Reuters ADB injections into the Kazakh economy stand at over $2.5 billion Kazakhstan plans to be a partner of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support developing countries: PM.
24 октября 2013
ADB. ©Reuters ADB lowers Kazakhstan’s economy growth estimate from 5.2% to 4.8% According to the Kazakhstan’s State Agency for Statistics, the country’s GDP grew by 5.5%from January to August.
02 октября 2013
ADB. ©Reuters Kazakhstan’s Government and ADB to carry out joint research The research will be financed by the country’s Government and the Bank on parity basis from 2013 to 2015.
18 июня 2013
ADB. ©Reuters Processing of crude into high value-added products is an effective way for Kazakhstan to attract international investors: ADB Such projects will bring forth valuable technical know-how, enabling Kazakhstan to transform into a hub of modern industrial production and a source of innovations within the region.
22 мая 2013
ADB Vice-President for Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations Lakshmi Venkatachalam. © Kazakhstan’s National Oil Fund could be a possible source to finance infrastructure projects: ADB Vice-President for Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations According to her, Kazakhstan has no clear strategy in place to attract money to finance this kind of projects.
22 мая 2013
ADB. ©Reuters Kazakhstan to host 47th meeting of Asian Development Bank in 2014 The ADB meeting in Astana is scheduled for May 2-3, 2014.
08 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of Asian economies to rebound but recovery fragile: ADB The Asian Development Bank said Tuesday the region's emerging economies would pick up this year but warned that the recovery remained fragile due to the eurozone crisis and tensions in Asia.
09 апреля 2013
Т stock photo Nazarbayev signs $95 million loan from Asian Development Bank Asian Development Bank is loaning Kazakhstan $95 million for reconstruction of a road section and construction of a new section of Western Europe-Western China transport corridor.
11 февраля 2013
Guanghui Li, Country Director of ADB’s Kazakhstan Resident Mission. © Yaroslav Radlovsky ADB to invest $1.6 billion to finance Kazakhstan’s infrastructure development projects September 19 the Bank’s management and representatives of the country’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade unveiled a new Country Partnership Strategy for 2012-2016.
24 сентября 2012
PM Karim Massimov meeting Vice President of Asian Development Bank Xiaoyu Zhao. Photo courtesy of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is developing a strategy of cooperation with Kazakhstan November 4 PM Massimov met Mr. Xiaoyu Zhao, the Vice-President of ADB.
04 ноября 2011 Kazakhstan may become an ADB donor: Vice Minister of Finance Ruslan Dalenov The country has been a member of the Bank since 1994.
04 ноября 2011
Karim Massimov meeting Lakshmi Venkatachalam. Kazakhstan’s PM Massimov meets ADB's Vice President Lakshmi Venkatachalam It is the second meeting of the Kazakhstan’s PM Karim Massimov with Asian Development Bank’s management for the last five days.
17 мая 2011
Asian Development Bank annual sitting to be held in Astana in 2014 Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov has met Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Vice-President Xiaoyu Zhao today.
12 мая 2011
Asian Development Bank to extend a loan worth $500 million Kazakhstan’s Government, Damu Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund and Asian Development Bank have signed a framework agreement worth $500 million to support small and middle-sized business in Kazakhstan.
12 мая 2011
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