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©Reuters/Phil Noble Hundreds of reptiles, amphibians found dead at S.Africa airport Several hundred reptiles and amphibians were found dead at Johannesburg airport when a routine inspection uncovered some 1,600 of the creatures crammed into two crates destined for the United States.
01 февраля 2014
World's oldest flamingo dies in Australian zoo, aged 83 Staff at Adelaide Zoo were in mourning Friday after the world's oldest flamingo, and their oldest resident, died aged 83.
31 января 2014
©Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann Bats bounce back in Europe: EU watchdog Europe's bat population recovered by more than 40 percent between 1993 and 2011 after decades of decline.
30 января 2014
©Reuters/Mariana Bazo Brazil scientists warn on dwindling jaguar population The jaguar could soon become extinct in Brazil's tropical Atlantic forest, threatening the shrinking primitive forest itself.
28 января 2014
©Reuters/Romeo Ranoco Boy, 12, taken by crocodile in Australia A 12-year-old boy was feared dead after being snatched by a saltwater crocodile while swimming in Australia's Northern Territory.
27 января 2014
Ivory Coast elephants get new home as habitat shrinks As the spooked elephant starts to run, the vet pulls the trigger. Just a few minutes later the huge beast slumps to the floor unconscious, ready for Ivory Coast's first elephant relocation.
26 января 2014
Sloth and moth are loth to part -- and here's why Imagine a creature so slothful that it snacks off its own fur and budges only once a week for a bowel movement.
22 января 2014
©Reuters/Will Burgess Australia to go ahead with shark 'kill' zones A controversial policy to catch and kill sharks off popular west coast beaches got the green light in Australia, in a move the Humane Society Tuesday termed a "complete disgrace".
22 января 2014
New whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach More than 50 pilot whales beached themselves Saturday on the same remote New Zealand coast where another 52 whales have either died or been put down in the past two weeks.
19 января 2014
©Reuters/Andrea Comas For sharks, old age may be 70 or more: study Great white sharks may live until their 70s, more than three times as long as previously thought, according to a new analysis of the marine predator's backbones out Wednesday.
14 января 2014
Man's cockroach-in-the-ear agony Down Under A man in Australia endured a painful hospital visit after a large cockroach burrowed into his ear and his efforts to suck it out with a vacuum cleaner failed.
11 января 2014
©Reuters/Ilya Naymushin Lion found hanging in cage at Indonesia 'death zoo' A young African lion has died after getting its head caught in cables in its cage at an Indonesian zoo notorious for hundreds of animal deaths in recent years, it was announced Thursday.
09 января 2014
'Exceptionally rare' conjoined whales found in Mexico Fishermen have found two conjoined gray whale calves in a northwestern Mexican lagoon, a discovery that a government marine biologist described as "exceptionally rare."
08 января 2014
A hummingbird, Washington, 2013. ©Reuters/Larry Downing Power-hungry Washington's soft spot for wounded wildlife Washington is synonymous with power, majestic buildings and ruthless ambition. But it also has a cuddly side, nurturing orphaned baby squirrels and lame turtles.
19 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo African elephant survival tops agenda at Botswana talks African ministers and experts meet next week in Botswana to chart ways to stamp out a spike in elephant killings fuelled by a growing demand for ivory in Asia.
30 ноября 2013
©Vladimir Prokopenko Astana starts constructing Zoo in 2015 Astana is going to start constructing a Zoo in 2015.
29 ноября 2013
©Reuters/Ilya Naymushin Man attacked by tiger at Australia Zoo A man was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after being bitten on the neck by a tiger at Australia Zoo, run by the family of late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.
26 ноября 2013
Don't eat furry friends, activists urge Chinese diners Animal rights campaigners have launched a poster campaign urging Chinese diners to turn down cat and dog dishes, with the group calling for the creatures to be considered "friends not food".
23 ноября 2013
Anson Wong (C). ©Reuters/Bazuki Muhammad Malaysia's 'Lizard King' back in business: report A notorious Malaysian wildlife trafficker dubbed the "Lizard King" for his smuggling of endangered reptiles is back in business despite a 2010 conviction for illegally trafficking endangered species, according to an investigative report by Al Jazeera.
22 ноября 2013
©Reuters/Mario Anzuoni Leonardo DiCaprio boosts Nepal bid to save tigers A foundation set up by actor Leonardo DiCaprio pitched in $3 million Thursday to save tigers in Nepal, whose plan to double the big cats' population has shown success.
22 ноября 2013

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