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28.08.2015 16:56 Politics
Vietnam said it will free more than 18,200 prisoners to mark its independence day celebrations, but political activists will be excluded from the country's second biggest-ever amnesty.
15.11.2014 12:15 People
Campaigners from Amnesty International honoured two members of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot who served 22 months in prison.
06.08.2014 20:11 Politics
I commission the Government to administer a tax amnesty to provide relief of all the penalties accrued as of October 1, 2014 to small and middle-sized businesses, the President said.
17.02.2014 13:30 Politics
Protesters arrested during months of anti-government unrest in Ukraine were granted amnesty on Monday after the opposition agreed to end their occupation of Kiev city hall and other public buildings.
30.01.2014 13:20 Politics
Ukraine's opposition defiantly refused to back an amnesty bill that would free activists and ease the country's worst crisis since independence.
15.01.2014 18:51 Unrest
Donors gathered in Kuwait Wednesday in a major fundraising drive for 13 million Syrians affected by war following a record UN appeal for $6.5 billion.
05.01.2014 14:08 Laws, Initiatives
Nepal's top court has rejected a demand by ultra-leftists that an amnesty be granted to people who committed serious rights abuses during the country's civil war, an official said Saturday.
30.12.2013 11:23 Environment
The last of the 26 foreign Greenpeace activists who were detained after an Arctic protest flew out of Russia on Sunday, the group announced, finally ending a saga that had caused global concern.
23.12.2013 17:02 Cinema, Music
Pussy Riot bandmember Maria Alyokhina, who was freed from prison Monday under a Kremlin-backed amnesty, slammed the measure as a mere publicity stunt and said that she would have preferred to remain in prison.
23.12.2013 13:03 Crime
One of the jailed members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina, was freed from prison on Monday after receiving amnesty.
19.12.2013 14:08 Unrest
The Central African Republic's mostly Muslim ex-rebels killed nearly 1,000 people in the capital Bangui two weeks ago in a rampage avenging deadly Christian militia attacks, Amnesty International said in a report Thursday.
10.12.2013 12:21 Politics
Senior US lawmakers said Monday they have reached a compromise deal that eases restrictions on sending Guantanamo detainees home or to third countries but bars their transfer to the United States.
21.11.2013 12:55 People
Amnesty International on Thursday condemned the "slavery-like" conditions faced by thousands of Indonesian women who work in Hong Kong as domestic staff, accusing authorities of "inexcusable" inaction.
11.10.2012 12:05 Unrest
Amnesty International called Wednesday on the Democratic Republic of Congo to put an end to the fighting in the east of the country where several local and foreign armed groups are committing abuses.
03.10.2012 13:28 People
Around 60 Mexicans marched on Canada's parliament on Tuesday to request amnesty for thousands of failed asylum seekers whose lives they say would be at risk if they are deported to Mexico.
17.02.2012 13:06 Politics
For the past 2.5 years I have changed neither any of my views, nor my attitudes: Yevgeniy Zhovtis.
16.02.2012 18:37 Laws, Initiatives
New Minister of Justice Berik Imashev believes that Kazakhstan needs to stop its amnesty practices.