site.news_by_theme Air Astana stock photo Air Astana introduced $75 service charge on international flights Air Astana has introduced a service charge for issuing tickets for international flights in sales offices and agencies starting from June 1.
12 июня 2012
Kazakhstan mulls reopening flights to Dubai The issue was raised at the meeting of Askar Shokybayev with Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
12 июня 2012
Astana International Airport. ©RIA Novosti Air Astana to launch Astana-Beijing flight Aviation authorities of Kazakhstan and China have agreed on a direct connection between the two capitals.
12 июня 2012
Photo courtesy of press-service of Air Astana Runways expose passengers to danger in some Kazakhstan cities The aircrafts land on worndown runways exposing passengers to danger in Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taldykorgan and Taraz: MP.
12 июня 2012
Air Astana aircraft. Photo courtesy of the company's press-office Air Astana Airline incurs losses of $11 million Kerosene price hiked by almost 200% compared to 2010.
19 апреля 2012
Photo courtesy of Air Astana's press-service Kazakhstan will have 8 new international flights in 2012 Air Astana and SCAT air companies will launch 8 new international routes by the end of 2012.
13 апреля 2012
Air Astana plane. Photo courtesy of the company's press-service French Ambassador to Kazakhstan calling for exclusion of Air Astana from EU black list Jean-Charles Berthonnet made an official statement on April 9.
10 апреля 2012
©REUTERS Kazakhstan air companies are in EU black list Kazakhstan air companies, except for Air Astana, got into the EU black list again.
10 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan residents will not fly directly to Dubai Dubai aviation authorities have stopped admitting Kazakhstan airplanes to their airports.
10 апреля 2012
Photo courtesy of Air Astana stops using Fokker 50 Air Astana is terminating exploitation of Fokker 50 planes.
09 апреля 2012
Air Astana aircraft. Photo courtesy of the company's press-office Air Astana raising domestic flights prices Air Astana air company is raising cost of its domestic flights tickets 16%.
04 апреля 2012
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Zhumagaliyev called for more competition at local airlines market Askar Zhumagaliyev has considered complaints of MPs about the monopolist airline Air Astana.
06 февраля 2012
RIA Novosti © Aviation fuel shortages explained Production of kerosene has come to normal. No shortages can be seen. In January a total of 32 500 tons have been produced.
18 января 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan’s airlines to launch new flights to major destinations: Transport Minister The Ministry is working to accommodate international flights of foreign airlines.
28 сентября 2011
Air Astana plane. Photo courtesy of press-service of the company Air Astana to launch six new flights National air company Air Astana plans to launch regular flights to six new destinations.
24 сентября 2011
Photo courtesy of BAE Systems may sell part of its stake in Air Astana within People’s IPO No final decision has been taken yet. However, it is clear that Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund will retain its majority stake: Peter Foster, Air Astana President.
22 сентября 2011
Minister of Transport and Communications Berik Kamaliyev. Photo courtesy of Minister of Transport and Communications critisized Air Astana for flight delays Main reasons behind delays are late arrivals of aircrafts (64 percent), aircrafts failures (9 percent) and weather conditions in airports (8 percent): Minister.
19 сентября 2011
Timur Mashurov, sportsman. Former captain of Kazakhstan national rugby team may become a pilot of Air Astana The airline continues hiring and training new pilots under Ab-initio program of pilots’ initial training.
17 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Air Astana to launch flights to Hong Kong The number of passengers in the H1 2011 grew 18.7% as compared to the like period of 2010, making up 1.35 million people.
18 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Aeroflot ahead of Air Astana among best East-European airlines Air Astana is ranked second in the list of the Best Airlines of Eastern Europe.
01 июля 2011

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