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17.12.2013 15:15 Crime
Kirill's mother has shared her further plans to turn around the case of Kirill Denyakin, who was unarmed by shot dead with 11 bullets by a U.S. policeman.
10.06.2013 13:49 People
Denis Navanov, a student from Aktobe is asking Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry to bring the body of his orphanage friend back to Kazakhstan.
27.05.2013 20:33 Politics
The U.S. embassy in Kazakhstan has refuted denying visas to Kazakhstan students.
27.05.2013 10:18 Politics
Around 40 students from Karaganda have been denied access to the U.S. under Work and Travel program.
23.07.2012 16:12 Crime
110 young people paid Katrin Work and Travel agency over $2,000 each but did not go to the U.S. for summer vacation.
17.06.2012 16:13 Politics
It is necessary to carefully check the rating of the future employer, as the successful work of our citizens in the U.S. depends on the inviting party: Ministry's representative.
12.06.2012 13:10 Crime
Four young citizens of Kazakhstan were apprehended and deported in New York airport on May 28: Foreign Ministry.
02.09.2011 19:17 Politics
Organizers of the international student exchange program Work & Travel may be obliged to bear responsibility for the safety of the program participants.