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20.03.2015 14:27 Sport
Kazakhstan's Cycling Federation considered dropping Astana Cycling Team after several doping scandals last year.
05.02.2015 02:37 Sport
A new lineup of Kazakhstan's Pro Team Astana has been presented in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
30.01.2015 01:38 Politics
Astana Pro Team's general manager Alexander Vinokourov has presented the team's yellow jersey to the Kazakh President.
26.08.2014 19:40 Sport
Belgian prosecutors have charged Kazakhstani Olympic Champion in Cycling Alexander Vinokourov with private corruption.
10.06.2013 13:13 Sport
A bike ride led by Olympic Champion Aleksandre Vinokourov, winner of Giro d’Italia-2013 Vincenzo Nibali and Astana cycling team was held in Almaty.
28.01.2013 20:21 Health
Kazakhstan's Alexandre Vinokourov was operated to remove a metal frame from his hip.
14.01.2013 14:43 Cinema, Music
Olympians will feature a story of three friends: Ilya, Sasha and Serik, who will become Olympic champions of Kazakhstan.
22.11.2012 16:06 Sport
Astana team will be training in Sardinia on December 2-12 and the presentation of the team will take place in Astana on December 13.
13.11.2012 17:13 Sport
Vinokourov is going to file a law suit against the magazines that accused him of bribing Alexandre Kolobnev into ceding the victory.
12.11.2012 11:03 Sport
Kazakhstan Agency for Sports and Physical Education will defend and support Kazakhstan athlete even if the alleged bribery is proved.
09.11.2012 11:40 Sport
Kazakhstan Cycling Federation keeps track of the investigation of Vinokourov's case that is conducted by the International Cycling Union.
25.09.2012 11:22 Sport
Kazakhstan's cyclist Olympic champion Alexandre Vinokourov said that the race could be held in September 2013 in the city of Almaty.
18.09.2012 12:38 People
Alexandre Vinikourov has auctioned his Olympic bicycle to help five children suffering from serious diseases.
14.09.2012 17:10 Sport
Two Olympic champions weightlifter Ilya Ilyin and cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov will take part in the bike ride to be held in Almaty on September 16, 2012.
11.09.2012 18:36 People
If Alexandre Vinokourov agrees it is quit likely that he would become a Majilis (lower chamber) deputy soon.
04.09.2012 19:05 Sport
Petropavlovsk policemen met with Olympic champion Alexandre Vinokourov and awarded him with Lieutenant Colonel rank.
04.09.2012 17:29 People
Kazakhstan’s cyclist and Olympic champion Alexandre Vinokourov is going to take a Master's Degree course at Astana Eurasian National University.
04.09.2012 16:48 Sport
Kazakhstan cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov will be appointed Astana cycling team's general manager this September.
02.09.2012 14:54 Sport
Kazakhstan’s cyclist and 2012 Olympic champion Alexandre Vinokourov was honored in Petropavlovsk on August 23.
31.08.2012 14:45 Sport
Akim (Mayor) of Almaty city Akhmetzhan Yessimov congratulated Vinokourov on his victory at the Olympics.
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