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Cycling: Vinokourov auctioned his gold-winning bicycle 18 сентября 2012, 12:38

Alexandre Vinikourov has auctioned his Olympic bicycle to help five children suffering from serious diseases.
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Kazakhstan’s cyclist and Olympic champion Alexandre Vinikourov has auctioned his Olympic gold-winning Specialized bicycle that was sold at $243,000, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Vesti.kz website. This was almost five times more than the starting price of the lot that amounted to $50,000. The auction was held on September 16, on Vinokourov’s birthday. Tak Group Company bought the bicycle. According to the information, available at the website of the company, Tak Group is a charitable organization that supports sport, tourism, arts and cultural projects. Vinokourov’s cycling gear that he was wearing at the London Olympics was auctioned on September 16 as well. It was sold for $10,000. Another Astana team cyclist’s gear was auctioned for $2500 at the event. The athlete is going to donate the money he got from the auction for charity. It is expected that the money will be transferred for treatment of five children with serious diseases. “The bicycle brought good luck to me and I can now support the young citizens of Kazakhstan who are having a difficult time at present by selling this bicycle. I hope that some of them will become champions, not necessarily in sport, but in their own lives. They should be strong in spirit and fight to the end! And in this case they will win,” Vinokourov said at the closure of the auction.

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