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30.01.2015 18:37 Cinema, Music
A video capturing Medeu high-mountain skating rink located in Almaty from a bird's eye view has appeared on the Internet two days ago.
05.10.2012 19:04 Emergencies
Works to eliminate consequences of the wildfire at Mokhnatka Mount in Ile-Alatau National Park should be finished by 2014.
17.09.2012 16:52 Environment
Kazakhstan residents will take part in the campaign to save and restore thfire-damaged Mokhnatka mount in Ile-Alatau national park in Medeu gorge near Almaty.
13.02.2012 16:40 Laws, Initiatives
So called ecological entrance fee to Medeu mountain area has been laid off in Almaty.
17.10.2011 17:57 Environment
Mass tree planting started in Almaty.
28.09.2011 10:35 Entertainment, Style
Medeu high-mountain skating rink is opening its 40th winter season on October 1.
25.08.2011 00:20 Kazakhstan
According to him, the clean-up teams working to remove the fallen trees lack tractors and sawmills.
16.08.2011 18:29 Disasters
Public facilities of Almaty and employees of the Emergency Situations Department continue cleaning up Medeu area.
06.06.2011 17:21 Kazakhstan
Summer season at Medeu high-mountain skating rink will start on June 10.
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