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Новости по теме: Hitler По вашему запросу найдено: 17 материалов
16.09.2014 14:01 Crime
Russia said it would probe Euronews after the news channel broadcast footage of Ukrainian fighters using the portrait of Vladimir Putin, styled as Hitler.
30.06.2014 18:57 People
Almaly District Сourt No.2 ordered the editor of the now infamous in Kazakhstan Anyz Adam magazine to pay $71,000 in damages following a claim brought up by war veterans.
21.05.2014 12:03 Politics
Britain's Prince Charles stoked controversy during a visit to Canada by comparing the recent actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin's to those of Adolf Hitler, the Daily Mail reported.
22.04.2014 17:51 Politics
Much controversy surrounds the recent issue of Kazakh-language magazine devoted to Hitler's personality.
14.04.2014 14:04 Art, Books
France's main Jewish body on Sunday called for the cancellation of an auction of Adolf Hitler and Nazi air force chief Hermann Goering's personal effects due in Paris next month.
06.04.2014 12:14 People
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's wife Eva Braun may have been of Jewish descent according to DNA analysis carried out for a British television documentary, the makers said Saturday.
04.04.2014 13:23 Politics
The Russian foreign ministry on Thursday issued a complaint to the German ambassador after a German minister reportedly drew parallels between Moscow's annexation of Crimea and Hitler's actions in 1938.
28.02.2014 16:42 Art, Books
Two rare copies of "Mein Kampf" signed by the young Nazi leader Adolf Hitler went under the hammer for $64,850 Thursday in Los Angeles.
05.02.2014 10:24 Military
North Korea on Tuesday denounced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as an "Asian Hitler" intent on amassing military power under the guise of ensuring regional stability.
21.07.2013 12:13 Entertainment, Style
From a painting hung high on a blood-red wall, Adolf Hitler peers down on young students eating schnitzel and slurping German beer in Indonesia's Nazi-themed cafe.
19.06.2013 14:41 Politics
North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un has reportedly given copies of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" to his top officials, urging them to study it as a leadership skills manual.
31.05.2013 12:41 Strange News
A tea kettle which some think resembles Adolf Hitler has soared in price to over $200 on eBay, after it sold out online following protests over a billboard promoting the otherwise innocent product.
24.05.2013 12:50 Politics
A explosive comparison made by a liberal Russian politician between Stalin's agents and Hitler's secret police has provoked a storm of abusive criticism in Russia that has been tinged by anti-Semitism.
31.01.2013 13:09 Politics
Berlin on Wednesday commemorates Adolf Hitler's rise to power 80 years ago, with exhibitions exploring what Chancellor Angela Merkel has called Germany's "everlasting responsibility" for crimes committed by the Nazis.
23.01.2013 17:32 Books
Eighty years after Adolf Hitler's rise to power, a novel that imagines his return to modern-day Berlin has become a bestseller in Germany, though a comedy about the Fuehrer is not to everyone's taste.
08.07.2012 11:32 Sport
Olympic Games medallists don't always live happily ever after.
25.05.2012 22:19 Strange News
See Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, try to answer it.