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28.03.2016 17:04 Politics
The Brussels attacks have pushed security to the forefront of Britain's EU referendum campaign this week, as intelligence experts came out of the shadows to press the benefits and disadvantages of membership.
28.10.2015 15:18 Crime
CIA chief John Brennan said he was "outraged" that hackers broke into his personal email account, and faulted the media for its coverage of the incident.
22.10.2015 15:31 Crime
Anti-secrecy campaign group WikiLeaks published an initial tranche of documents it said were from the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan.
12.12.2014 13:35 Politics
CIA chief John Brennan acknowledged some of the US intelligence agency's interrogators went too far in their treatment of detaineesю
11.07.2014 12:39 Politics
Germany expelled the CIA station chief in Berlin over alleged spying by the United States which has refused to break its silence over the escalating row between the Western allies.
12.06.2014 10:57 Politics
The White House said Wednesday it had adopted new procedures on President Barack Obama's foreign trips to avoid a repeat of the "inadvertent" release of the name of the CIA's station chief in Kabul last month.
07.06.2014 11:37 Internet
The secretive US spy agency joined the world of social media Friday, and quickly had the Twitterverse talking.
29.05.2014 11:14 Politics
Fugitive self-proclaimed spy Edward Snowden said Wednesday he wants to return home, as he defended his massive leak of US intelligence secrets, saying abuses of constitutional rights left him no choice.
23.04.2014 14:20 Laws, Initiatives
The US government must turn over information on secret CIA interrogation centers connected to the trial of the alleged mastermind of the 2000 USS Cole bombing, a military judge said in an order released in full Tuesday.
06.03.2014 14:56 Politics
The CIA's internal watchdog is investigating allegations that the agency improperly spied on Senate staffers probing secret details of a now-defunct interrogation program.
17.01.2014 14:27 Politics
Proposals by US lawmakers to impose new sanctions against Iran would be a mistake that would sabotage a possible diplomatic deal with Tehran: Gates
17.01.2014 11:25 Politics
President Barack Obama presents Americans on Friday with long-awaited reforms of spy agency phone and Internet data collection sweeps, prompted by the damaging torrent of leaks unleashed by Edward Snowden.
14.01.2014 11:08 Military
Barack Obama insisted Monday he had faith in the Afghan war mission after former Pentagon chief Robert Gates charged the president lacked passion for military action and soured on his own troop surge.
08.01.2014 11:18 Military
Former defense secretary Robert Gates has delivered a scathing critique of President Barack Obama's handling of the war in Afghanistan in a revealing new memoir, US media reported Tuesday.
23.12.2013 10:37 Military
A secret CIA program helped Colombia kill at least two dozen leftist FARC guerrilla leaders, The Washington Post reported Sunday.
14.12.2013 14:19 Politics
The sectarian bloodbath in Syria is such a threat to regional security that a victory for Bashar al-Assad's regime could the best outcome to hope for, a former CIA chief said Thursday.
15.11.2013 18:09 People
The Central Intelligence Agency is amassing a huge database of international money transfers that includes the financial and personal data of millions of Americans, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
15.11.2013 10:58 Crime
A former FBI agent was sentenced to more than three years in prison Thursday for disclosing confidential national security information about a foiled bomb plot to an Associated Press reporter.
08.11.2013 13:16 People
Al Jazeera America published Thursday part of the secret personal diaries of one of Guantanamo's most high-profile prisoners, with records of meetings with Al-Qaeda's chieftains.
04.11.2013 18:00 Crime
Doctors and nurses tasked with monitoring the health of terror suspects were complicit in abuses committed at prisons run by the Pentagon and the CIA.
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