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06.10.2015 15:11 Cinema, Music
Two of music's top-selling stars have come together, however briefly, as Drake put out a new song featuring Beyonce.
25.06.2015 13:31 Entertainment, Style
Beyonce will play her first full show in a year as the pop superstar headlines a festival in Philadelphia founded by her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z.
06.04.2015 13:59 Cinema, Music
R&B queen Beyonce has quietly released a love song dedicated to her husband, hip hop mogul Jay Z, available only on his new streaming service Tidal.
17.12.2014 14:24 Cinema, Music
A Hungarian singer from the Roma community is suing Beyonce over the smash hit "Drunk in Love," saying the superstar sampled a folk tune without permission.
16.05.2014 11:56 Cinema, Music
Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce's sister say they have apologized to each other and agreed to "move forward" after an "unfortunate" fight in an elevator, which became public with a leaked video.
13.05.2014 10:14 Cinema, Music
A hip New York hotel said Monday it's investigating how surveillance video of Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attacking brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator wound up on an Internet gossip site.
29.04.2014 12:51 Cinema, Music
First couple of hip hop Beyonce and Jay-Z are joining forces for a North American tour that will see the husband-wife team stop in 16 cities, they announced Monday.
03.12.2013 16:48 Internet
It was a year for "twerking," "selfies," and "cronuts" in Internet searching, right up there with Hollywood, pop and reality stars.
27.10.2013 23:43 Entertainment, Style
Greek designer Vrettos Vrettakos presented the dress, ordered by the famous American R’n’B singer Beyonce for the Grammy Awards, at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.
10.04.2013 13:36 Cinema, Music
Pop diva Beyonce and hip-hop star Jay-Z's controversial trip to Cuba was part of a cultural exchange and did not violate the economic embargo imposed on the island by the US.