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Our hands and knees are shaking: Arthur Ardavichus 12 января 2012, 17:35

The pilot of Astana Arthur Ardavichus talked about the team work of his Dakar crew and the reliability of the truck.
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Arthur Ardavichus. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Arthur Ardavichus. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
After the victory at the tenth stage of Dakar, the pilot of Kazakhstan team Astana Arthur Ardavichus spoke about the team work of his crew and the reliability of the truck, Kamazmaster.ru writes. The team is ranked third in the general classification, but it is less than 4 minutes behind the second leader Hans Stacey from Holland. “I don’t know him (Stacey) personally, I haven’t seen his eyes, haven’t seen how he smiles. We have no contact with Stacey and I can’t feel him. That’s why it is difficult for me to foresee his further actions,” Ardavichus said. The racer also said that he hasn't been making much changes in the tactics depending on the team’s position in the general classification. “I try to avoid mistakes. It is easier to judge from the outside, but inside the race everything is more complicated. Our knees are shaking and our hands are trembling. There is shouting and fear in the cabin. Today Nurlan (mechanic) was shouting. Can you imagine going down from the 300m dune? It was scary a couple of times. But we like this kind of battle,” the racer said. The eleventh stage of Dakar is held today, on January 12. The racers will cross the border between Chile and Peru. The route is laid between Arica and Arequipa.

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