Olympic outfits selected in Kazakhstan

03 июня 2013, 17:51
Sochi Olympics logo
Sochi Olympics logo
Kazakhstan contest of designs of official and sport outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic team for the Sochi Olympics has been completed, Vesti.kz reports. Aizhan Bokayeva from Atyrau and her brand Aioko Bo won the competition.

Bokayeva got 952 votes in the general voting. Almaty company KazSPO-N received 2 votes less. The designer confessed that her mother must have helped her win by getting all the people she knew to vote. Two tickets to the Sochi Olympics are the prize for the design contest winner.

“Now I know what presidents feel during election campaigns. I thought about bringing my mother with me (to the Sochi Olympics-2014). She is an artist and a well-known person. But I will take my younger brother instead. He is Kazakhstan’s Muay Thai bronze-winner. He told me that if I get a sample of the uniform, I should opt for men’s outfit. He is 192cm tall. He'd will be happy to wear it,” Bokayeva said.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that in the contest’s final Bokayeva competed with KazSPO-N company from Kazakhstan and a young designer Tais Dou-Guang-Zhou from China.

The designs of Aioko Bo fashion house

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