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28.10.2014 13:42 Industry, Infrastructure
A $70 million solar power plant will be built in Astana for the upcoming EXPO-2017.
14.10.2014 19:15 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have developed a battery with a capacity times higher than in those currently available.
15.09.2014 19:47 Science, Technologies
The School of Engineering at Nazarbayev University is developing powerful batteries for renewable energy.
26.02.2014 12:21 Auto
Japan's Panasonic and California-based electric-vehicle venture Tesla Motors are in talks to build a $1 billion automotive battery plant in the United States.
24.04.2013 17:35 Industry, Infrastructure
US safety officials investigating burned batteries on two Boeing 787s said Tuesday they are not certain what caused the incidents, even as aviation regulators approve Boeing's fix for the problem.
15.03.2013 12:07 Emergencies
The grounded Dreamliner is "absolutely" safe and will be back in the air within weeks, planemaker Boeing said in Japan on Friday, as it sought to reassure airlines and passengers about its aircraft.
05.03.2013 18:54 Industry, Infrastructure
Toyota has expressed interest in setting up production of spare parts for cars, in particular production of batteries.
01.03.2013 14:52 Emergencies
Details emerged Friday of the battery fix proposed by Boeing to get its stricken Dreamliners back in the air, as Japan's All Nippon Airways vowed it would stick with the next generation aircraft.
26.02.2013 10:22 Science, Technologies
A transparent film that costs just one euro ($1.30) to make could bring an end to the anguish of mobile phone users facing the dreaded dead-battery message.
22.02.2013 11:48 Companies
United Airlines said Thursday it expected to keep its six Boeing 787s out of service until May 12, as the cutting-edge airplane remained grounded worldwide due to battery problems.
27.06.2012 13:34 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan scientists have developed an improved solar battery that produces seven times more energy than its other existing equivalents.
17.04.2012 16:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan will export the first batch of batteries worth $30 million to China.
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