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Sophomore students creating satellite in Kazakhstan 14 апреля 2014, 17:27

A sophomore spacecraft inventor Nazifa Baktybayeva from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar is working on a real satellite.
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Nazifa Baktybayeva. Photo courtesy of obozrenie.kz Nazifa Baktybayeva. Photo courtesy of obozrenie.kz

A sophomore spacecraft inventor Nazifa Baktybayeva from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar is working on creation of a real satellite, Tengrinews.kz reports.

Ms. Baktybayeva has been working on the the in-orbit satellite along with her fellow students from the Kazakhstan State Technical University. “The work is almost finished. Technical documentation has been completed and is in full compliance with the state regulations. We are planning to start buying the materials soon and then start assembling the spacecraft,” the young scientists said.

According to Ms. Baktybayeva, the satellite with a symbolic name Polytech #1 (the Kazakhstan State Technical University is commonly referred to as Polytech) will give an opportunity for students to conduct research based on materials obtained from space.

“We would be able to get information, photos and process the information. It would be a great help in our studies. In June we will be working as interns at Baikonur where we will be taught to control a satellite.  KazSat was launched but we, students and graduate students, do not have access to the laboratory that processes information from the satellite. But now our university will have its own satellite on the orbit and I think it is just great, ” the inventor said.

The satellite of the Kazakhstan State Technical University will be launched in November from the Orenburg launching site.It is not the first time Ms. Baktybayeva is working on creation of a spacecraft. In 2012 as a high school student she won an international academic competition in Houston. She presented a spacecraft to travel to Venus that she had been working on for a year. The young inventor used parts of her old computer, headphones, a DVD disk, an umbrella and even a hanger to construct her model of a spacecraft. She also calculated its flight trajectory.

She was offered a place in the Texas University and an opportunity to visit NASA. But in 2012, Ms. Bakhtybayeva got enrolled into the Suleiman Demirel University in Almaty with a scholarship in Computer Engineering and Programming. But later in September, she sacrificed the scholarship and transferred to the Kazakhstan State Technical University’s Space Technologies program. Nafiza Bakhtybayeva explained that her decision was affected by her childhood dream to be closer to stars.


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