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Kazakhstan retailers are reluctant to sell Kazakhstan-made computer games 17 июля 2012, 18:27

The main problem of Kazakhstan made computer games is their quality - from the quality of graphics to even the printed disc cover design.
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"Dinanyn khikaysy" ("Dina's Story") computer game screen shot. "Dinanyn khikaysy" ("Dina's Story") computer game screen shot.
Kazakhstan retailers are reluctant to sell Kazakhstan-made computer games, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Karina Abugaliyeva, representative of Kazakhstan's largest retailing and distributing company Meloman. According to her, there have been two Kazakhstan made computer games on sale at their shop. There was a racing game called Astana Racer and an educational game Dinanyn Khikayasy (Dina’s Story). Both games dropped through. Dina’s Story is still being kept at the shop’s storage. The game was released in 2008 and the shop managed to sell only 61 copies out of 300. Astana Racer was more successful. It was released in 2008 in 809 copies. The retailers managed to sell out the game completely; however, they had to cut the price way down. “We have tried to sell Kazakhstan-made computer games. We’ve learned the lesson. Our managers are very careful about Kazakhstan-made products now. If a product doesn’t meet the requirements and demands of our customers then we are not interested in it. Even If the quality is good enough, it is not sufficient to just put the product on the shelf. The product requires support and promotion. People should be made aware of it. If there is no promotion campaigning then it is more profitable for us to sell overseas goods that we are sure about, rather than to take the locally produced good with an unclear promise and sell it during several years, making discounts and incurring losses,” Abugaliyeva said. According to the Meloman representative, Kazakhstan gamers are used to high-quality products of world famous brands. The main problem of Kazakhstan made products is their poor quality - from the quality of graphics and even the quality of printed disc cover design. Representative of the company that have released Dinanyn khikayassy (Dina’s Story) game said that big funding was required to create a computer game and there were no investors who were ready to fund that product. It is much cheaper to translate popular overseas games into Kazakh. However, speaking about the national product, the expert recommended that Kazakhstan producers occupy their own niche at the market. According to him it could be games related to Kazakh national traditions, Kazakh mentality. “The niche of Kazakh language games is almost empty, that’s why there might be some promise in producing them. There is no point шт produce games that resemble European blockbusters. It is very difficult to compete with European brands,” the company’s representative said. Разработчики Astana Racer подтверждают, что проект игры был нерентабельным и разработка не окупилась. Однако цели такой и не стояло, компании необходимо было просто заявить о себе. "Простейшие расчеты показывают, что выпуск качественных компьютерных игр класса ААА, ориентированных исключительно на казахстанский рынок, не может быть рентабельным", - объясняет сотрудник компании. Также разработчики упоминают и о высоком уровне пиратства - не менее 80 процентов. Это тоже вносит дополнительные трудности в работу на рынке компьютерных игр. Astana racer developers confirmed that the project of the game was unprofitable and the production expenditures were never recouped. However, the company didn’t pursue the goal of generating profit, it just wished to make a name for itself. “Elementary calculation shows that release of high-quality AAA class computer games focused targeted only at Kazakhstan market can’t be profitable,” the company’s representative said. The producers also mentioned a high level of piracy that made up no less than 80% in Kazakhstan as the barrier making the life at the computer games market even more difficult.

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