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Political TV-debates to be held in Kazakhstan January 12 10 января 2012, 10:27

Political debates will be held on Kazakhstan TV on January 12.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
Political debates will be held on Kazakhstan TV on January 12, Tengrinews/kz reports citing a member of Kazakhstan Central Election Commission Lyazzat Suleimenova. The debates of the parties hopeful for the seats in the Majilis (lower chamber of the Parliament) will be broadcasted on Khabar TV-channel. Representatives of political parties (one person from each party) will be offered two topics for discussion: Economy as the basis for the country’s success and Development of the human capital in Kazakhstan. The Central Election Commission states that the debates will not allow self-promotion and calls for forced changes in the constitutional system, undermining of the country’s integrity, disruption of the security of the state, promotion of social, racial, national, religious and tribal conflicts, called to cruelty and violence, or calls to create illegal militarized organizations. Besides, the participants of political debates have to abstain from personal accusations, statements intentionally discrediting honor, dignity and business reputation of political parties, their members, discrimination of representatives of other parties and follow general ethics. In case of a representative’s failure to participate in the debates, the air time, set aside for the party will be re-distributed between all the participants of the political debates.

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