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Most Kazakhstan citizens believe that every manager has favorites

05 сентября 2012, 19:13
Photo courtesy of kp.ru
Photo courtesy of kp.ru
Most of Kazakhstan residents are sure that every manager has a favorite, Tengrinews.kz reports citing a survey done by HeadHunter.

The poll covered 4,161 respondents. 73 percent of the polled subordinate employees are confident that every manager had a favorite. 33 percent think that not every manager has favorites and only 3 percent believe that managers never have favorites.

63 percent of the polled managers confess of having favorites, another 25 percent partially agree with this statement and only 1 percent of the managers state that they have none.

According to the majority of the managers, the most devoted and hardworking subordinate usually becomes the favorite. However, 36 percent of the subordinate employees believe that becoming a favorite is possible only through getting a manager to like you as a person and not through hard work and devotion.

Over a quarter of subordinate employees are confident that to get a special treatment (become a favorite) one must be the manager’s relative or friend.

Speaking of the reasons why they like their favorites managers most frequently said: "He is very much like me when I was young," "He is going through a hard period in his life, and I am helping him to survive," "He is an honest and open person and he does his best," "He works better that the rest and without apple-polishing."

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