Almaty citizen donated 500 liters of blood

15 июня 2012, 14:22
Aleksander Skakovskiy. stock photo
Aleksander Skakovskiy. stock photo
Almaty citizen Aleksander Skakovskiy donated blood for the 900th time on June 14, which is around 500 liters, Express-K writes.

Skakovskiy donated his blood in 1971 for the first time. Back then the life of one of this wife's friends was in danger. Since then Skakovskiy has been donating blood without requesting any payment, remuneration or discounts. Right now he is the hero, who is registered in four Kazakhstan's record books. He wants to beat the record of the Australian James Harrison, who has donated blood around 1,000 times.

“There is a huge deficit of donors in Kazakhstan and it is very important that people donate blood for free, as Skakovskiy and his mates do,” Director of Kazakhstan Blood Center Dilyaver Bakirov said. “Money is not the issue here. Voluntary donorship is the safest kind of blood donoкship. A person donating blood not for money, but out of his heart's desire, will never conceal his diseases or doubtful lifestyle from doctors.”

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