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Alternative energy perspectives to be discussed in Astana on May 12-13 12 мая 2011, 19:01

Perspectives of alternative energy will be discussed in Astana on May 12-13.
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©REUTERS/Vincent Kessler ©REUTERS/Vincent Kessler
Perspectives of alternative energy will be discussed in Astana on May 12-13, Tengrinews.kz reports. As per Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies Duisenbai Turganov, expert evaluations show that potential of these energy sources in very significant in Kazakhstan and makes around 1 trillion kW/hours per year. The potential of a small hydro power station is estimated at around 8 billion kW/hours, wind farm energy capacity is estimated at around 920 billion kW/hours. Potential of solar energy is also significant. Experts estimate it at up to 2.5-3 thousand solar hours. In any case Kazakhstan will have to develop alternative energy. Kazakhstan signed the Kyoto Protocol and this obliges it to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. They have to decrease emissions by 15% by 2020. Kazakhstan is a leader in Central Asia by the amount of emissions. The Vice-Minister noted that number of alternative energy generating facilities grows every year in Kazakhstan and the Ministry keeps a close control of this area. “Compared to 2009, production of energy from renewable sources increased by 6.3 percent and made 403 million kW/hours in 2010,” said Duisenbai Turganov. The share of renewable energy sources currently makes only 0.5 percent. It should be increased to 1 percent by 2014 and energy production should reach 1 billion kW/hours. By Maksim Popov

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