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Force of explosion in Astana exceeded 1kg in TNT equivalent: expert 25 мая 2011, 11:14

Expert comments on the car blast in Astana on May 24.
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At the explosion site. Photo by Maksim Popov © At the explosion site. Photo by Maksim Popov ©
The force of the explosion in Astana on May 24 must have been more than 1 kg in TNT equivalent, Vadim Gostev, explosion expert and president of Kazakhstan-Salyut told Tengrinews.kz. “Most probably this must have been cyclonite. No less than a kilo - that would be one or two kilograms of explosives in TNT equivalent. There must have been military explosives. Since the Audi and the people were torn to pieces, it could be that they were detonating TNT blocks. I am pretty sure it was a military explosive, very strong, as there was a shock wave. There is a difference between a sound wave and a shock wave. If the bodies and car pieces were scattered, it means the filler was very serious,” Vadim Gostev said. Astana Internal Affairs Department received the message about the blast near the building No.6 on Shyntas street at 03:37 a.m. on May 24. There were two corpses at the incident site. Astana Interior Ministry Department confirmed that the explosion in Astana was not a terrorist act.

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