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Kazakhstan Twitter users “buy Massimov stock" 01 декабря 2011, 15:57

Twi Stock project has become popular in Kazakhstan.
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Twi Stock service Twi Stock service
Kazakhstan Twitter users are buying Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov stock, Tengrinews.kz reports. Bloggers are gambling at the virtual stock market buying the most perspective shares of twitter users. Twi Stock project has become popular in Kazakhstan. As of December 1, 17 users became shareholders of Massimov's Twitter. The cost of each Prime-Minister's share is almost 53 rubles ($1.8). “The shares” of Kazakhstan Minister of Communications and Information Askar Zhumagalilyev are sold at 12.12 rubles ($0.4) and only 2 twitterians bought them. Shares of former Majilis deputy Tanirbergen Berdongarov cost almost 10 rubles ($0.3), 3 of them were sold. 13 shares of his former colleague Bakhyt Syzdykova are already sold at 44.12 rubles ($1.5). President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev is an absolute leader of the stock exchange, his shares are sold at almost 3,000 rubles ($102). He is followed by Aleksei Navalny's Twitter. Twi Stock is a simulator of the real stock market based on sales and purchase of shares of different Twitter-accounts. The cost of one share is calculated from a system of parameters that depend on popularity. Bidding of famous or amateur bloggers whose rating could grow in future, one can earn game money from the difference of prices at the moment of purchase and sale.

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