Kazakhstan expands car production Kazakhstan is expanding its car manufacturing industry, planning to increase yearly production to 190,000 cars by 2018.
29 декабря 2014
Kazakhstan PM Massimov calls energy security one of greatest challenges of modern time Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov said that energy security was one of the major challenges faced by the global community and that Kazakhstan was working hard to contribute to overcoming of this global issue.
19 декабря 2014
China to transfer dozens of enterprises in non-energy sector to Kazakhstan China intends to transfer dozens of enterprises in non-energy sector to Kazakhstan.
19 декабря 2014
First French cabins brought for Almaty gondola cableway French Montagne Association to help Almaty in designing and construction of new Kok Zhailau ski resort. First French cabins for a new golndola cableway have just been delivered.
08 декабря 2014
KazMunaiGas to enhance oil recovery at old oilfields KazMunaiGas, the national oil company of Kazakhstan, presented a new project of enhanced oil recovery at the Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Astana.
25 ноября 2014
Drones to be produced in Astana in 2016 Kazakhstan will start assembling drones in Astana in 2016.
24 ноября 2014
Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway line to open on December 3 The Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway line will be opened on December 3.
20 ноября 2014
Kazakhstan launches its first electromobile charging station The first charging station for electromobiles has opened in Kazakhstan on November 12.
20 ноября 2014
Kazakhstan intends to produce shoes and clothing along with Italy Kazakhstan firm want to produce shoes and clothing together with Italy.
20 ноября 2014
Oil reserves in Kazakhstan's south to be exhausted in 10-15 years Crude oil in Kumkol, one of the major oil fields of Kyzylorda Oblast in Kazakhstan’s south, will be exhausted in the next 10-15 years.
17 ноября 2014
Hazardous waste recycling plant to be built in northern Kazakhstan A hazardous waste recycling plant worth $100 million will be built in Pavlodar in Kazakhstan’s north.
08 ноября 2014
Kazakhstan to produce electromobiles by year end The Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan has announced that Kazakhstan will produce its first electromobile in a matter of months.
08 ноября 2014
Shymkent Oil Refinery to receive additional $400 million for modernization Additional money will be allocated to modernize the Shymkent Oil Refinery on southern Kazakhstan. This will help increase the production capacity of the refinery and make it more environmentally friendly.
08 ноября 2014
Oil production may steadily decline in Kazakhstan over the next decade: KazMunaiGas Vice Chairman KazMunaiGas Vice Chairman Tiyesov has spoken in the Mazhilis informing the deputies that Kazakhstan will face a decline in oil production should no new fields be discovered in the upcoming decade.
07 ноября 2014
Unpopular Hollande seeks TV redemption The president who set himself up as "Mr Normal" finds himself in a highly abnormal position: never has a French head of state been so unpopular.
05 ноября 2014
Gates Foundation grants go to 'rich nation NGOs' The bulk of the roughly 3 billion dollars given by the Gates Foundation to foster agriculture in poor countries has been given to aid groups based in rich nations.
05 ноября 2014
Tire processing plant opens in Uralsk A plant processing discarded tires has opened in Kazakhstan's Uralsk.
01 ноября 2014
Vice Minister for Investments on local car making industry According to him, for the recent 4 years the number of domestically produced cars has grown 10 times.
29 октября 2014
Almaty-Baiserke-Talgar gas pipeline launched in Almaty Oblast Almaty-Baiserke-Talgar gas pipeline has started working in Almaty Oblast.
28 октября 2014
$70 million solar power plan to be constructed in Astana for EXPO-2017 A $70 million solar power plant will be built in Astana for the upcoming EXPO-2017.
28 октября 2014

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