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Tire processing plant opens in Uralsk 01 ноября 2014, 14:30

A plant processing discarded tires has opened in Kazakhstan's Uralsk.
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© uralskweek.kz © uralskweek.kz

A plant processing old tires - the first one in West Kazakhstan Oblast - opened last Saturday in Uralsk , Tengrinews reports Uralsk Week.

Crumb rubber is produced from old tires and is then used to make collapsible paving tiles. The plant is capable of processing half a ton of tires per hour.

Production itself consists of two lines. The first one shreds tires into granules of 0.5 to 3 millimetres. And the second one mixes the crumb rubber with a special adhesive and dye. The mixture is then poured into molds for making paving blocks and tiles.

The plant also has mobile equipment which can produce seamless flooring made of crumb rubber for sports facilities and playgrounds.

The new venture is owned by Sergei Guber, a Kazakhstani businessman who also owns a network of auto service stations and Car City complex. Currently the company is working with partner maintenance stations in the city and tire fitting companies in the region.

The work starts here, in this warehouse of discarded tires.

First wire cords are removed from truck tires on this machine.

Then the tires are cut into big pieces on this shredder.

Further, the material is sent to the grinder on a conveyor belt.

The grinder has electromagnets which catch the remaining pieces of metal cords.

This is how the biggest crumb rubber granulates look like.

These are the mixers where crumb rubber is mixed with adhesives and dyes.

The mass cooked in a blender is poured in molds and then dried in an autoclave chamber.

And this is a sample of a ready product.
By Dinara Urazova
All photos are courtesy of
Uralsk Week


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