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Surgery center for newborns opened in Kazakhstan 19 сентября 2011, 10:04

Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare opened a new neonatal surgery center to decrease infant mortality.
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According to the press-service, Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare opened a special neonatal surgery center based on the National Scientific Center of Motherhood and Childhood to decrease infant mortality. The project’s objective is to improve medical assistance to infants in Kazakhstan. “The National Scientific Center of Motherhood and Childhood Optimal provides conditions for neonatal surgery. Operation rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art endo-videosurgical stands. Employees were trained in leading hospitals abroad. Master-classes with surgeons from Russia, Austria and Germany are held regularly,” the press-service said. Surgeons of the Center have implemented new treatment methods, particularly, laparoscopic surgeries in case of congenital anomalies and diseases of chest organs (diaphragmatic hernia, cystic lesions and chest tumors) and cavity organs anomalies. All this helps achieve significant results: for example, decrease the number of post-surgery complications and shorten the periods of patients’ hospital admission. “Around 40-50 percent of early infant mortality and childhood disability are conditioned by genetic factors. Around 30 percent of beds in hospitals are occupied by children with congenital defects. According to statistics for 2010, congenital defects made 24.7 percent of the reasons behind postneonatal mortality, which is the second place after certain states of health appearing in perinatal period,” the press-service stated. Infant cardiac surgery opened in Shymkent earlier. Specially trained infant anesthesiologist, emergency physicians and nurses work in the Center. This year south-Kazakhstan doctors are planning to perform 100 open-heart surgeries. By Galima Gabdullina

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