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Sleep syndrome: No relocation for Kalachi villagers 01 апреля 2014, 18:25

Akim (Governor) of Akmola Oblast Kosman Aitmkhambetov has dispelled rumours of plans to relocate Kalachi villagers.
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Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky

Akim (Governor) of Akmola Oblast Kosman Aitmkhambetov has dispelled rumors that the Government was planning to relocate Kalachi villagers, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Interfax-Kazakhstan.

In fact, there will be 6 more houses built for villagers of Krasnogorsk in the area. A tender for companies to bid for construction contracts on two of the houses have already been scheduled. The government's construction plans are widely veiwed as a way to show that the area is safe to live in. 

Speaking about the progress of the medical and scientific teams studying the area in search for the causes of the sleep syndrome, the Akim that the crews decided to expand the area of their search and more northward, because they believe that the source of radon may be located north from the village. At the current stage they are suspected that a source of radon located somewhere nearby may be what is causing the strange syndrome. 

Radiation scientists from Kurchatov in eastern Kazakhstan have arrived to the village with a portable laboratory and a going to start examinations soon. Radiation is not believed to be the cause because no excessive radiation background was discovered so far. But, nevertheless, the tests continue.

The atmosphere in the village is calm and friendly, the Akim said. The locals understand that there is an ongoing investigation. Besides, the village administration decided to enhance vitamin supply to the local school in hopes that it would help prevent cases of sleep syndrome among children.

The sleep syndrome has been a real mystery to Kazakhstani scientists. More than 30 people have been admitted to the hospital since spring of 2013 with similar symptoms of fatigue, disorientation, dizziness and partial loss of memory.

7000 samples have been taken and tests made to find an explanation for the sleep syndrome. However, no reasonable explanation has been offered so far.  


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