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Kazakhstan microsurgeons tap into face transplantation surgeries 22 апреля 2013, 17:41

Kazakhstan microsurgeons will soon be able to perform face transplantation surgeries: Italian surgeon Salvatore D’Arpe.
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Kazakhstan microsurgeons will soon be able to perform face transplantation surgeries, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Italian surgeon Salvatore D’Arpe as saying at the press-conference during the 4th Congress of Kazakhstan Surgeons. Salvatore D-Arpe said that a complicated face transplantation surgery was made in Almaty. His team included 6 Kazakhstan’s microsurgeons. A face was transplanted to the 31-y.o. citizen of Karaganda oblast Mirgul Tuyakbayeva in Syzganov National Scientific Surgery Center in Almaty. At the age of 4 months a half of Mirgul’s face and neck were burnt and she had numerous surgeries after that. “Several surgeries were made on her face by a private surgeon in Karaganda, but they resulted in deterioration of the cicatrices, eversion of the right eye’s lower lid and contracture limiting of the head's movements,” microsurgeon Kanat Mukhamedkerim said. According to him, the Italian expert transplanted the missing tissues to her facing, using skin grafts from the patient’s back and bladebone area. The surgery lasted for over 8 hours. According to the head of the department of reconstructive and plastic microsurgery of Syzganov National Scientific Surgery Center Mislim Muradov, the patient feels well. He said that Kazakhstan colleagues of the Italian surgeon who attended the master class would now be able to perform similar surgeries in Kazakhstan. “This was the first such surgery in Kazakhstan,” he explained. Besides, Muradov says that the Center performs around 100 hand and foot restoration surgeries per year. There are not very many microsurgeons in Kazakhstan. There are currently a little over 10 of them in the country: they operate in Almaty, Astana and Karaganda. According to Director General of the Center Zhetkergen Arzykulov, Kazakhstan adopted a special resolution to facilitate development of microsurgery. “The main purpose is to lower the disability rate. For example, there may be an accident on a plant during production process and somebody may get his finger cut off in a machine. It can be sewn back using microsurgery within three hours after the accident. But what if the accident happens in the west of the country, while all such surgeons work in Almaty and Astana?” Arzykulov said. According to him, the current goal is to train at least one surgeon per every region of Kazakhstan. Salvatore D’Arpe will be able to help in this process. According to him, he met Kazakhstan microsurgeons in Germany in 2012 for the first time and was impressed by their professional skills. According to Arzykulov, Syzganov Center will help train the surgeons, while the Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry will deal with financing for procurement of the required equipment: microscopes and tools. Muradov says that training of a microsurgeons normally take 10 years, but the regional surgeons would have to be taught the basics in the shortest possible periods of time. By Assemgul Kassenova

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