3 thousand people need kidney transplantation in Kazakhstan

07 декабря 2012, 11:39
3 thousand people need kidney transplantation in Kazakhstan -
Around 3 thousand people require kidney transplantation in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing senior non-staff transplant doctor of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry Gani Kuttymuratov as saying at the regional training seminar called Organs donorship and transplantation. Transplantation coordination.

“We have no waitlists of those who require transplantation, as there are more and more patients every year; some of them die. Approximately, there are around 3 thousand patients requiring kidney transplantation, around 800 people waiting for heart transplantation and around 1,000 patients in need of liver transplantation,” Gani Kuttymuratov said.

According to him, one kidney transplantation surgery made in Russia or Belarus costs Kazakhstan budget from $35 thousand to $55 thousand. Liver transplantation costs over $100 thousand, while heart transplantation is worth around $500 thousand.

According to Kuttymuratov, Kazakhstan currently has the State Coordination Center in the National Scientific Medical Center and the Coordination Transplantation Bureau in the National Medical Holding. These Centers coordinate the whole transplantation service.

“The personnel is being hired to these bureaus right now. They will deal with selection and search for cadaveric donors, organize protection of these organs and detection of brain death. This is practiced around the world, i.e. development of transplantation is impossible without a Coordination Bureau in any country,” the doctor added.

Kuttymuratov also explained that the plan is to create such bureaus and centers not only in Astana and Almaty, but also in the regions, so that each oblast center that supplies donors, has its own coordinator and the information on pronouncement of death and organ extraction is passed in time to cover the need of the “waitlist” around the country.

By Shynar Ospanova

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