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25,000 Kazakhs need organ transplantation 29 мая 2011, 15:59

Three organs transplantation centers have to be built in Kazakhstan: Director of the National Scientific Medical Center.
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More than 25 thousand Kazakhstan citizens need organs transplantation, Tengrinews.kz reports. The issue was raised at the sitting of the public council on protection of patients' rights. “We are currently almost the last country of former Soviet countries where organs transplantation is not conducted. Even Uzbekistan makes transplantations. We don't do it because we don't have the resource base and our donorship laws are not in place. There are more than 25 thousand patients waiting for transplantation of organs and tissues, plus the ones waiting for bone marrow transplantation,” said Director General of the National Scientific Medical Center Abai Baigenzhin. As per Baigenzhin, the main problems are “insufficient legal base, lack of doctors' legal protection, no criteria for certification of brain death and lack of state program on organs donorship and training of experts.” “Of course, we can make a surgery, but inter-authority cooperation is required in this area. Public Health Ministry cannot be responsible for all issues. Justice Ministry has to provide legal basis, Ministry of Communications – advertisement and donorship propaganda, Interior Ministry – protection of donors' rights and protection of doctors' rights, Minister of Labor and Social Protection – social protection, rehabilitation of donors and recipients, Ministry of Education and Science – donorship education program and Ministry of Transport and Communications – delivery of donor organs,” Abai Baigenzhin said. Director of the National Scientific Medical Center said that three organs transplantation centers have to be built in Kazakhstan: in Astana, Almaty and possibly one of the southern cities. If all conditions are created, the hospitals may count on 200 potential donors. As per statistics, around 36 percent of patients die waiting for organs. Around one hundred people go abroad for kidney or heart transplantation annually. The surgeries cost from $30 thousand to $150 thousand. By Assel Satayeva

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