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Cows with virus diarrhea imported to Kazakhstan from Austria 29 ноября 2012, 16:03

Cattle with virus diarrhea have been imported to North-Kazakhstan oblast from Austria: expert.
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Cows with virus diarrhea have been imported to Kazakhstan from Austria, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of the Commission for Veterinary Control of Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry Nigmat Zhakupbayev. “Over 17 thousand of cattle were imported to Kazakhstan for creation and development of milk farms and increasing (Kazakhstan's) meat export potential in 2012. Along with the cattle, we imported numerous hot-button issues. Today we have a problem with Austrian cows. Cattle with virus diarrhea were imported to North-Kazakhstan oblast from Austria,” Nigmat Zhakupbayev said. Chairman said that during the purchase Austrian sellers declared lack of such virus in the cattle's veterinary certificates based on laboratory tests. “As a result of these violations, we have very big problems. Today we think that the problem was cause by neglect of those who arranged import of the cattle. They do now check the epidemic situation of the importing country carefully enough and are unaware of all the vaccination-requiring diseases and vaccines. This made import of numerous exotic diseases in our country possible,” he said. According to Minister Mamytbekov, the sick cattle are now in quarantine and Kazakhstan’s veterinary service is doing well in controlling the cattle import. According to the Minister, the total of 25 thousand animals were imported to Kazakhstan in last 2 years. By Shynar Ospanova

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