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Burning bike smashes into car in Almaty 22 апреля 2013, 17:25

A burning motorcycle smashed into a parked car in Almaty. Both vehicles burned to the frame.
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Photo by Sofiya Vassenkina© Photo by Sofiya Vassenkina©
A burning motorcycle smashed into a parked car in Almaty, Accidents Territory show of STV channel reports. The accident happened on April 20. Several bikers were riding up Nauryzbai batyr street. Crossing Zhambyl street, one of the bikers lost control of the bike and fell down with the bike. He flew off to the roadside while his bike dragged on the side for several more meters, caught fire leaving a fiery trace on the road and then smashed into a car parked at the roadside. According to the witnesses, the man picked himself from the pavement, tried to approach the burning bike, but seeing that it is beyond the point of no return, he without any further hesitation got on his friend’s bike and they both drove off away from the accident site. There were several cars parked along the roadside at the accident site. All the drivers quickly moved their cars away and parked them elsewhere. But there was nobody in the parked car when the accident happened and the driver was nowhere around. The car caught fire from the burning bike. The firefighters extinguished the fire, but both vehicles burned almost to the ground. Police is questioning the witnesses; investigation is underway. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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