Underage teens risk live to take photo in Astana

25 июля 2014, 12:59
Photo courtesy of infoflotforum.ru
Photo courtesy of infoflotforum.ru

Two underage teens risked their lives for a beautiful photo of Astana, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the capital’s Interior Affairs Department.

At 7:00 p.m. the Esil District police dispatch center received a report about a boy and a girl sitting on the top of the bridge on Kabanbai Batyr Avenue near Ramstore Shopping Center.

The adventurous photographer couple was helped down from the bride by the policemen. The 17 y.o. youngsters said that they wanted to take a photo of the spectacular view of the city from the top of the bridge. The policemen said that the prank could have been lethal.

The police filed a disorderly conduct administrative protocol to the Administrative Court of Astana.

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