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50 thousand people in extreme conditions in disaster-hit Zhambyl oblast 14 января 2013, 19:47

The situation remains unchanged in disaster-hit Talas region of Zhambyl oblast: over 50 thousand people are in extreme conditions.
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The situation remains unchanged in disaster-hit Talas region of Zhambyl oblast: over 50 thousand people are in extreme conditions, KazTAG reports. "The situation remains the same in Talas region as of 11 p.m. January 12. Several dozens of different teams have been dispatched to the disaster-hit regions," the administration's press-service writes. "Because of strong wind of 30-35 meters per second, top managers of Zhambyl Power Networks had to made a decision to switch off the L-184, L-185 lines feeding PS-110 and PS Karatau-2. This caused a blackout in Karatau. KEGOC lines were switched off at noon causing a blackout in Talas region," the administration said. The press-service noted that "there is a possibility of restoration of power supply from Zhambyl hydropower station, but the line that connects the grid to the power station is damaged". "2 high-voltage poles fell down along the KEGOC line, which also makes the situation complicated," the press-service writes. Many administrative and residential buildings were damaged by the strong wind. "The roofs of many administrative and residential buildings were ripped off. 52 thousand residents of Talas region found themselves in extreme conditions, including 27.5 thousand people in Karatau town. The damaged buildings include 18 administrative facilities, 11 educational facilities (schools), 3 kindergartens, 2 healthcare facilities (central hospital and TBC hospital), 1 foster home for elderly and disabled people, 134 multi-apartment residential buildings," the press-service writes. The storm remains strong in the area and the wind reaches the speed of 40-45 meters per second. Deputies of the oblast Akim Karim Kokrekbayev and Gali Iskaliyev are at the site. Oblast Akim Kanat Bozumbayev made an early return from his vacation and also left for the disaster-hit regions. 14 tons of petrol and 14 tons of diesel fuel were sent to Karatau, as well as fresh water and food for residents and crews eliminating the emergency situation's consequences that arrived from Taraz. Condition of the equipment and the buildings of Igilik boiler house is being evaluated and a plan of restoration works is being developed. The strong wind makes it impossible to perform large scale restoration works. According to Zhambyl branch of KazHydroMet (weather service), the wind of 15-20 meters per second and with bursts of 25 meters per second will last for at least another day. The massive blackout in Talas and Saryssu region, as well as in Zhanatas town of Zhambyl oblast on January 12 was caused by bad weather. The blackout than caused suspension of the central boiler house of Karatau at 07:15 a.m. The 60m-long concrete chimney collapsed at 08:15 a.m. falling into the area of the 5th (reserve) and 6th (main) water-heating boilers. Rescue teams of the State Rescue Service have been dispatched to the accident site on cross-country vehicles, as well as a Civil Defense regiment and several crews from other state authorities. All available special vehicles have been mobilized. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry's aviation is on high alert.

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