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Communications fully restored in Karatau 15 января 2013, 11:39

Communications have been restored in the cities of Zhambyl oblast hit by the storm wind: Kazakhstan Transport and Communications Ministry.
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Photo by Anton Akulov© Photo by Anton Akulov©
Communications in Karatau have been fully restored, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications. "The communications have been restored in the cities of Zhambyl oblast hit by the storm wind. The communications are currently fully operational in Karatau. The networks are using an independent power source. Zhanatas now has partially restored communications in rural areas. Works on restoration of the wire and cellular communications are in process," the message states. The press-service also writes that, according to the communications operators, the repair works will last until the end of the month because of the scale of the disaster. The communications were lost in Karatau, Zhanatas and nearby villages when the strong wind of over 30 meters per second broke cable structures, antennas and mounts and damaged the base stations at night of January 12. "The communication operators sent 81 experts and 14 vehicles to eliminate these damages. The restoration works started the same day after the wind speed lowered to the level safe for working at height," the press-service writes. The Ministry also states that the wind damaged over 18 poles and antennas of radio-relay communication lines, fell over 80 poles, damaged roofs of local and regional communication nodes and automatic telephone stations. KEGOC also reports that the company is restoring power supply after the natural disaster in Zhambyl oblast. Emergency repair crews of the company restored power supply at Karatau station at 04:00 a.m. on January 14 and Opornaya station close to Zhanatas was put back up at 03:00 p.m. KEGOC brought over the resources from its South, Akmola, Central, Almaty and Northern branches, including 60 people and 30 vehicles, to eliminate the consequences of the disaster in Zhambyl oblast.

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