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1 person kill, 11 wounded in clashes at Shetpe train station in Mangistau oblast 18 декабря 2011, 03:19

1 person has been kill and 11 injured in clashes at Shetpe train station in Mangistau oblast in western Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of kad.gov.kz Photo courtesy of kad.gov.kz
1 person has been kill and 11 injured in clashes at Shetpe train station in Mangistau oblast in western Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports with a reference to the Kazakhstan Prosecutor General’s Office. “On December 17, 2011 at 1:24 p.m. (local time) a group of people blocked a passenger train at Shetpe railway station in Mangistau oblast. The passenger train №309 was heading from Mangyshlak to Aktobe carrying more than 300 passengers. The group of people blocking the rails called to support mass disorders in Zhanaozen city,” the prosecutor’s press-service reports. Transport flow was disrupted, 7 passenger trains and 3 freight trains were delayed. The protesters ignored calls of the police officers to disperse and abide to the law and refused to leave the rails. “At about 8 p.m. local time the police attempted to free the railways and put a stop to the abusive actions,” prosecutor’s office says. By that time most of the people blocking the railway had voluntarily gone home. “However, about 50 hooligans resisted the police, set a cargo train’s locomotive on fire, threw bottles with flammable liquids at the rails cars. The group of aggressors than took off to Shetpe village, set a Christmas tree on fire, broke shop windows and car windows. Police officers who were trying to stop the violence also came under attack: the hooligans threw bottles with flammable liquids and stones at them,” the prosecutor’s press-service reports. “Actions of the hooligans posed a real threat to lives and health of civilians and police officers and the police officers had to resort to the use of firearms,” the press-service says. 12 people were delivered to Mangustau regional hospital with gunshot wounds. One of them died. “Law enforcement bodies are taking all the necessary measures to stop the criminal violence, restore law and order and protect rights of citizens,” the Prosecution Offices says. You can watch the video of from Shetpe railway station here.

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