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Kazakhstan's robots ready for planting in Vietnam 29 июля 2013, 17:48

Kazakhstan's landscaper robots developed for the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest ABU Robocon 2013 in Vietnam have been presented.
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Automatic robot. Photo by Alisher Akhmetov© Automatic robot. Photo by Alisher Akhmetov©
Kazakhstan's landscaper robots developed for the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest ABU Robocon 2013 in Vietnam have been presented to the media, Tengrinews.kz reports. Designing and making of the robots took less than three months. Following the contest rules, students focused on making the robots functional. The organizers set weight and size limits for the robots that is why there was no place for a lavish design. The Kazakhstan students of the International IT University constructed two robots: one manually operated robot and one fully automatic robot. The goal of Robocon 2013 is to successfully complete an improvise planting, using these robots. "We hope, we will perform better than last year," the team's member Galymzhan Musagaliyev said. Kazakhstan failed to win any prizes in Hong Kong in 2012. They have achieved very good results in a short time, he said. The team constructed other robots before. In particular, they worked on a humanoid named Sholpan. Two more universities might represent Kazakhstan at the contest in 2014, Musagaliyev said adding that Robocon may be held in Kazakhstan soon. The International Robocon-2013 for outstanding students engineering robots is scheduled will start on August 19 in Vietnam. 12 members of the Kazakh team will depart from Kazakhstan to Vietnam on August 15. Vietnam has chosen the theme The Green Planet for the ABU Robocon 2013 with the message: “Each nation is a piece of the puzzle that forms the world; the responsibility to protect the earth thus lies on the shoulder of each person living on it. Awareness and actions - that is what we need to sustain life in our common home The Earth”. The game actions: - The Manual Robot picks up the Leaves in the “Leaves Store” and places them in the 3 Rings in the Southern Hemisphere. - Then, the Manual Robot loads "Leaves" which have been picked up from the “Leaves Store” onto Automatic Robot. - The Automatic Robot must place at least 3 leaves in the Northern Hemisphere (including two leaves in its own zone and at least one leaf in the common zone), then it is allowed to touch the Bud(s) in the Northern Hemisphere. - The Automatic Robot goes to the North Pole Zone and picks up the Buds (made by the team) and loads them into the Manual Robot. - The Manual Robot stands below the Limit Line 2 and throws the Bud(s) at the Moon. If the team’s Bud stands successfully on the moon, the team achieves The Green Planet and wins the game. (for more information see aburobocon2013.vtv.gov.vn) By Alisher Akhmetov

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