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Over 300 people evacuated from flooded villages in Kostanay oblast 19 августа 2013, 10:50

100 rescuers and 16 vehicles have been dispatched to the flooded ares of Kostanay oblast in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of emer.gov.kz Photo courtesy of emer.gov.kz
100 rescuers and 16 vehicles have been dispatched to the flooded areas of Kostanay oblast, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations. “The emergency-rescue divisions of Kostanay oblast Emergency Situations Department were dispatched to the area of threatened by the flood. They include 40 employees and 11 vehicles of the Northern Regional Airmobile Rescue Team, Water-Rescue Team and forces of the Fire-Fighting and Emergency-Rescue Service,” the message states. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry also sent its employees and vehicles: a helicopter, 5 vehicles, a crew of the Disaster Medicine Center and 60 Civil Defense employees. A crisis center for elimination of the emergency situation was created in the oblast. An emergency meeting of the commission was held and hubs for evacuated population were prepared, as well as catering stations and fenced areas for cattle. Teams of Emergency Situation Department's psychologists were sent to the oblast to render psychological support to the population. According to the authority, the rescuers checked on the territory of Taranovka region using a KazAviaSpas helicopter on August 10. Evacuation of the population was organized in Taranovka village the same day. 240 people and 96 farms were evacuated. Besides, 5 people from 3 flooded houses were evacuated in Nikolayevka village. 8 houses and 26 people were evacuated in Prirechnoye village on August 10. 7 houses were flooded in Nadezhdenka village, but 20 villagers waived the evacuation. 2 houses were been flooded in Mikhailovka village and there was a threat of flooding of another 6 houses; 8 people were evacuated. One house was flooded at Toguzak railway station; one person and cattle were evacuated. Two people waived the evacuation. 8 apartments were flooded in Verenka village; 23 people were evacuated. A 2-apartment residential building and 5 barns were flooded in Zapasnoye village; 5 people and 22 cattle were evacuated. 4 more houses were under threat of flooding. The water level in the threatened villages is gradually going down. The rains flooded Karabaly and Taranovka regions of Kostanai oblast. The flood was caused by a dam failure on the Ayat river. The dam failed to hold the water inflow from Russia. This resulted in a water level raise in the Ayat and Tobol rivers.
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