Storm stops all flights in and out of New York

10 февраля 2013, 13:38
All air travel in or out of New York was halted Friday as airlines grounded their planes in response to an intensifying blizzard across New England, AFP reports citing authorities.

LaGuardia and Newark Liberty Airport in neighboring New Jersey stopped all flights late afternoon, and John F. Kennedy International Airport was doing the same by early evening, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office said.

"The five New York City airports are open, but airlines are operating on a greatly reduced schedule, with more than 2,300 flights cancelled as of mid-afternoon," Cuomo said.

"In the event that some travelers become stranded, airport personnel are preparing cots, blankets and other essentials to assist customers. All air travelers should check with their carriers regarding resumption of flights tomorrow."

Tom Bosco, general manager of LaGuardia, said there were "no further airline arrivals or departures tonight."

"We will strive to keep the airport open throughout the storm, even if the airlines have shut down for the night," he told NY1 television.

He estimated that in the case of a foot of snow -- the worst case scenario forecasted for New York -- services would resume "probably by mid-morning."

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