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20.08.2015 11:23 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would be glad to grant a request for Russian citizenship from US boxer Roy Jones Jr as the multiple world champion visited Russian-annexed Crimea.
06.10.2014 17:43 Sport
Kazakhstani tennis player Sesil Karatantcheva who is now capped for Kazakhstan has decided to return her Bulgarian citizenship.
26.12.2013 12:26 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev has applied for Cypriot citizenship.
17.12.2013 14:19 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev intends to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus: German lawyer Lothar de Maiziere.
30.07.2013 16:18 People
Peace activist Garry Davis, who dramatically renounced his US citizenship in the dark days of the Cold War and founded a government for self-declared "world citizens" like himself, has died.
29.06.2013 10:38 Laws, Initiatives
In a vote hailed by US President Barack Obama, the Senate on Thursday passed comprehensive immigration reform that would put 11 million undocumented people on a path to earning citizenship.
04.01.2013 11:34 Cinema, Music
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday granted fast-track citizenship to France's Gerard Depardieu after the movie star complained about the French Socialist government's proposed 75 percent tax on the rich.
31.12.2012 10:23 Crime
Canada has stripped citizenship from a Ukrainian-born man it is seeking to deport for alleged ties to a Nazi killing squad in World War II.
06.12.2012 11:56 People
A pensioner has been granted Nepalese citizenship more than a century after she was born in a remote village of the Himalayan nation.