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Kazakhstan children allegedly raped in U.S. are from Petropavlovsk 02 августа 2013, 15:15

The adoption order on the former orphans from Kazakhstan who are testifying in the U.S. against their adoptive parents was issued by Petropavlovsk court in 2004.
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Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Formed orphans from Kazakhstan who are now testifying in the U.S. against their adoptive parents came from Kazakhstan's northern city of Petropavlosk. Petropavlovsk court i issued their adoption order in 2004, Tengrinews.kz reports citing deputy chairman of the Children Protection Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science Bakhyt Alibayeva. A U.S. court is now hearing the case of the Kazakhstan-born children who were allegedly raped by their American adoptive parents for several years. The children are brother and sister. “Based on the application of the American citizens, they left for the U.S. in August 2004 and no information about these shocking facts emerged until now,” Alibayeva said. A request has been sent to Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry to look into the situation. Besides, the Ministry has sent a letter to the Kazakhstan Embassy in the U.S. with a request to obtain more information about the trial. Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry filed an inquiry to the U.S. over the alleged sexual abuse of children adopted from Kazakhstan by their American parents Foreign adoption started in Kazakhstan in 1999, Alibayeva said. Over 8 thousand children have been adopted by foreign citizens since then. 6 thousand of these children have been adopted by American citizens. Adoption of Kazakhstan children by Americans was suspended not long ago over the Ranch for Kids case. Joseph Mayotte, 50, and his wife Linda Mayotte, 49, are on trial on 26 charges each, including statutory rape of a child, indecent assault, battery on a child under 14 and incest. The now 17-y.o. girl testified against her adoptive father yesterday. She told the juries that the father started sleeping in the same bed with her when she was 8, just one month after she was adopted. According to the alleged victim, several months later Joseph started touching her inappropriately. Later the father started other forms of sexual activities with her, despite of her resistance. The day before her brother testified that Linda Mayotte sexually abused him from 2005 to 2007. The abuse only stopped when she became pregnant with his child. DNA test has confirmed that he was the child's father. By Assemgul Kassenova

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