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Lost in translation: Boston case student did not understand Miranda rights

04 june 2014, 10:01
Photo courtesy of inform.kz
Photo courtesy of inform.kz

Kazakhstani student Dias Kadrybayev arrested in relation to the Boston bombings has declared in court that due to his insufficient knowledge of English he was manipulated into making statements that discredited him and lead to his arrest, Tengrinews reports citing The Boston Globe.

Kadyrbayev’s lawyer Robert Stahl insisted that his client did not understand his Miranda rights due to a poor command of English. Otherwise, Kadyrbayev could have used his right to remain silent and wouldn't have spoken with the FBI agents the way he did. In turn, the Kazakhstani student said that he had asked the US law enforcement officers twice if he needed a lawyer but the agents were friendly and said that it was unnecessary. Kadyrbayev quoted one of the agents who alledgedly said: “Oh, you’re not under arrest, you’re just trying to help us out”.

Dr. Aneta Pavlenko of the Temple University who specializes in linguistics reported that her analysis of the emails and other textual evidence of the Kazakhstani student prove that his level of English as “intermediate”. She explained that is was “highly unlikely” that Kadyrbayev understood his Miranda rights properly.

But the prosecutor Stephanie Siegmann insisted that Kadyrbayev had good English skills and had not asked for an interpreter during hearings prior to the Monday’s hearing.

Dias Kadyrbayev will face the court on September 8th. A legal hearing of another Kazakhstani Azamat Tazhayakov, also accused on obstructing justice in relation to the Boston bombings base, will take place on September 8th while American Robel Phillipos, the third accused, will face the court later on September 29th.

The Kazakhstani students are accused of obstructing justice in the Boston bombings case. If they are found guilty they will be sentensed to up to 25 years of imprisonment. 19 y.o. Phillipos is accused of perjured testimony and might face 16 years in prison.

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