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Almaty Airport increases jet fuel prices 16 января 2014, 16:15

The Almaty International Airport is charging $1,290 for a ton of jet fuel.
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Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky
The Almaty International Airport has increased prices of jet fuel and lubricates its provides, Tengrinews reports. The price of one ton of jet fuel (kerosene) from the Pavlodar Oil Refinery (with delivery and airport services included) makes $997 for domestic flights and $1017 for international flights at other airports. Whereas the Almaty International Airport is charging $1,290 for a ton of jet fuel. “The price charged by the Almaty Airport for jet fuel does not got beyond the price range applied by other airports in Kazakhstan and in the neighboring countries. The price of fuel and lubricates was raised by the Almaty International Airport only once in 2013, with the in increase not exceeding 3-4%. It was related to an increase in the selling prices of the manufacturer. Besides, the price increase does not affect the local air carriers. After coordinating their 2014 delivery schedules, the carriers resumed fueling of their aircrafts with their own fuel,” Vice President of Almaty Airport Daulet Mamekov said. In 2013, the airport paid over $194 thousand in taxes from fuel sales. Mamekov added that airport was managing risks for an added value: despite fuel the shortages at Kazakhstan oil refineries, the airport always had a one-month supply of fuel and lubricates in it storages.

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