Turkey ruling party accused of copyright breaching by Kazakh composer

23 марта 2014, 19:06
Arslanbek Sultanbekov. Photo a courtesy of vk.com
Arslanbek Sultanbekov. Photo a courtesy of vk.com
Kazakhstan composer Arslanbek Sultanbekov has accused the Turkish ruling party of breaching his copyright, Tengrinews reports citing the Astana TV channel.

Turkish Justice and Development Party under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used Sultanbekov’s Dombra song written in 1997 as a hymn of their election campaign. “I do not want the song to be used for political purposes. I did not give my consent. Everybody is calling me and asking if I am going to sue them. I think it is not right to hurry with accusations prematurely. But I am ready to go to court,” the musician said.

The Party of Justice and Development on the other hand said that a Turkish singer Ugur Ishilak changed the lyrics and offered it to the party as his own song. But the singer himself tried to avoid shouldering responsibility by saying that he always believed the song to be a folk-song. “We always thought that Arslanbek Sultanbekov is the author of the Dombra lyrics. But while studying the history of the song we came to a conclusion that the music is of Caucasian or Nogai origin. I’m ready to meet the author and offer my apologies,” Ishilak said.

The song Dombra is well known in Turkey as Sultanbekov performed it at the opening of the Turkvizyon festival in Stambul in December 2013.

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