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150 trucks, 90 Chinese-made, fined for overload near Almaty in 5 days 01 ноября 2012, 19:19

Trucks were checked for overload in Almaty and Almaty oblast on October 17-23.
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Chinese trucks. Photo courtesy of howo.kz Chinese trucks. Photo courtesy of howo.kz
Trucks were checked for overload in Almaty and Almaty oblast on October 17-23, deputy chairman of the Transport Control Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications Asset Assavbayev told Tengrinews.kz. 150 trucks, 90 of them Chinese-made, were found overloaded during the check. Over 60 of these Chinese trucks were pulled over in Almaty city. The total amount of fines exceeded 2 million tenge ($13 thousand). The speaker noted that 15 thousand trucks were checked in Kazakhstan between January and October 2012. Every third of them was overloaded. Around 480 thousand cargo vehicles are registered in Kazakhstan and transportation of inert cargos involves around 18 thousand Chinese trucks. Representative of the Transport and Communications Ministry advised the carriers to avoid purchasing such trucks. “Carriers buy Chinese trucks because of their low cost and high carrying capacity. We advise them not to buy transport with excessively high carrying capacity for use on general use roads, because when these trucks are fully loaded, they exceed the total weight and axle load. This damages the road surface,” Assavbayev said. Earlier Assavbayev said that 13 automatic weighing systems will be installed at Kazakhstan’s main roads by the end of the year. “The car will pass over these scales that will register its weigh. It will not be possible to avoid the scales: both side of the road will be fenced and a police post will be located nearby. If the system detects an overloaded truck, the driver will receive a fine check,” he said. 80 such systems will be installed in Kazakhstan by 2014. The first project will be launched on Almaty-Yekaterinburg road. The assembling works will start in November 2012. A massive car accident happened on this road in the end of this summer. A passenger bus crashed into a Chinese truck. The accident claimed 16 lives. Besides, an 13-car accident took place in Almaty earlier. The accident was caused by a Chinese truck. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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