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Syrian consulate burnt in Almaty oblast 17 июля 2012, 15:39

The consulate’s personnel believe that criminals threw incendiary bottles at the building.
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Snapshot of the video of KTK channel Snapshot of the video of KTK channel
Unidentified persons have burnt the only Syrian consulate in Kazakhstan that is located in Almaty oblast, KTK reports. The office of the honorary consul of Syria was located on the third floor of the consulate quarters. It was burnt to ashes with all the documents. According to the diplomats, the violators intentionally destroyed the upper floor. The fire also seriously damaged the guest rooms and the hall for diplomatic negotiations. The consulate’s personnel believes that criminals threw incendiary bottles at the building. Nothing valuable has been stolen from the consulate. Police is investigating into the cause of the fire. The diplomats believe that the incident is linked to the civil war in Syria. Honorary consul of Syria in Kazakhstan Samir Derekh believes that a radical religious organization must have been involved in the fire. Anti-government protests in Syria started in Syria in spring 2011. In line with the plan of the UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan, a ceasefire was declared in the country in the middle of April under supervision of UN observers. In spite of the ceasefire, reports on new armed incidents and victims come in regularly. According to different sources, the conflict has claimed lives of 12 to 17 thousand people. 230 thousand people became refugees and around 1 million need humanitarian aid.

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