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Sergey sustained brain injury, after that there was someone else instead of him: terrorist's father 20 сентября 2013, 14:49

Sergey Leskevich, a citizen of Kazakhstan who was recently arrested in Kyrgyzstan as a member of a terrorist group from Syria, was officially a disabled person of group two, his father told in an interview.
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Sergey Leskevich. ©tengrinews.kz Sergey Leskevich. ©tengrinews.kz
Sergey Leskevich, a citizen of Kazakhstan who was recently arrested in Kyrgyzstan as a member of a terrorist group from Syria, was officially a disabled person of group two, his father told Tengrinews. His father Anatoliy Leskevich said that Sergey suddenly disappeared and stopped calling his parents in spring 2013. Later his father ran into his son's photos on the Internet and found out from the captions that Sergey was fighting together with local militants in Syria. After that the father contacted Kazakhstan's interior authorities. "I think that what really happened there was that he did fight (in Syria), but was not preparing any terrorist acts (in Kyrgyzstan)," his father said. He believes that his son was one his way home when he was arrested. "Maybe he changed his mind and wanted out," he said adding that his son was arresting when he was getting a taxi from the airport. Sergey Leskevich graduated from Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University with a major in Economics. He had a phenomenally good memory and excellent physical shape - he was a master of sports in swimming, candidate master of sports in soccer and a winner of the Kazakhstan national hand-to-hand combat championship. But about five years ago he got badly bitten but a local gang. He underwent several surgeries, had a plate implanted in his scull and was officially registered as a disabled persons of group two. Sergey "became a new man after the injury," but not in a good way, his father said. "It was as if there was someone else instead of him. Because of the injury a fracture of his scull bone was pressed into his brain piercing the brain tissue. Chances were high that he would become mentally handicapped, but things turned out better than expected. He had two surgeries, had that plate installed and after that all this started," the father said. After that Sergey Leskevich was living and working in Thailand for two years. Everything seemed fine after he returned, but then he suddenly disappeared and it became known that he concerted to Islam. After that he called his mother only once - in July 2013. He said: "Mom, don't wait for me, I am not coming back." Anatoliy Leskevich believes that his son should be judged for fighting in Syria, but not for preparing terrorist acts. "The fact that he fought there, hat he concerted to Islam, it is all true, I am denying it," he said and added, "but he was returning home." Anatoliy said that one of their neighbors also disappeared together with Sergey in sprin 2013, but he could not remember the neighbor's name. He believes that the neighbor is still fighting in Syria. Sergey A. Leskevich was born in 1988 in Tokmak town of Chu oblast of Kyrgyzstan, but holds the citizenship of Kazakhstan. Sergey Leskevich was part of the group of militants from Syria arrested in Kyrgyzstan. The group belongs to the international terrorist organization called the Islamic Jihad Union. The group was sent from Syria to Kyrgyzstan to prepare and commit terrorist acts in Bishkek and Osh, according to the confessions of its members. The group included one citizen of Kazakhstan, two citizens of Kyrgyzstan. They are charged with terrorism, mercenary activities, illegal procurement, transfer, sale, keeping, transportation and possession of firearms, ammo, explosive substances and devices. Kyrgyzstan will not extradite the militant to Kazakhstan until the Kyrgyz court pronounces its sentence, the media relations department of the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan told Tengrinews. Leskevich may be extradited to Kazakhstan only the serve the sentence he is given.

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