Islamic theologist confuted the statements on jihad against Kazakhstan police

31 may 2012, 18:59
Islamic theologist confuted the statements on jihad against Kazakhstan police - Silhouettes of Kazakhstan police officers. ©REUTERS
Silhouettes of Kazakhstan police officers. ©REUTERS
The Islamic theologist has confuted the statements on jihad against Kazakhstan police, reports citing head of Department on Control over Application of Laws on Countering Extremism and Terrorism of Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office.

“Prominent Islamic theologist sheikh Abu Mundhir Ash Shanqitee has publicly confuted the fatwa On jihad against Kazakhstan police spread on the Internet on his behalf,” Nurdaulet Suindikov said at the conference called Consolidation of the community and the state in countering terrorism: new approaches and principles in Astana.

According to the General Prosecutor’s office, this information appeared on the Internet on May 2011 and called for active violence against officers of Kazakhstan law-enforcement authorities. The fatwa was allegedly written by sheikh Abu Mundhir Ash Shanqitee. The name of Ash Shanqitee is very famous in the Middle East.

“The sheikh said that neither him, nor the members of his family ever made any fatwas calling for murder. In conformation of his words, he passed a personally signed statement with the official and public confutation of the fatwa made by some unidentified persons,” Suindikov told

According to Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office, 46 people were convicted for crimes related to extremism and terrorism in Kazakhstan in 2011. 10 of them were convicted for creation and management of a terrorist group. The prosecutors have studied over 62 thousand websites to make sure that spread of extremist information on the Internet is suppressed. The court banned over 400 Internet-resources for spreading damaging information.

Growth of the terrorism threat in Kazakhstan was also discussed at the conference.

By Assel Satayeva

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