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2 billion tenge required for restoration of Zhanaozen 20 декабря 2011, 17:41

2 billion tenge ($13.6 million) is required for restoration of all the facilities damaged in Zhanaozen violence outbreak.
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Photo by Maksim Popov© Photo by Maksim Popov©
2 billion tenge ($13.6 million) is required for restoration of all the facilities damaged in Zhanaozen clashes, Tengrinews.kz reports. After preliminary inspection of the facilities Vice Prime-Minister Umirzak Shukeyev reported to Prime-Minister at the government meeting. The total number of the damaged facilities is 41, including 5 administration buildings. “We have preliminarily calculated that around 770 million tenge ($5.2 million) is required for restoration of the town administration building. Over 1 billion tenge ($6.8 million) is needed for restoration of 3 KazMunaiGas facilities. 29 commercial facilities and bank buildings will require around 250 million tenge ($1.7 million) for restoration. Reconstruction of 2 residential buildings will cost over 3 million tenge ($20 thousand). In general preliminary calculation shows that the cost of damage of all the facilities may be 1.9 billion tenge,” Umirzak Shukeyev told Karim Massimov in a conference call into the government meeting in Astana. Construction companies will start restoring the buildings within a week. “We have agreed that the companies and the contractors will start the construction works at their own expense, without waiting for a decree on assignment of funds from the reserves,” Shukeyev said. Their expenses will be reimbursed later. On December 19 Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov signed the decree On creation of the government commission for urgent resolution of social-economic, humanitarian and other issues arising from clashes in Zhanaozen. The government commission is made of 17 people, including Akim (Governor) of Mangistau oblast, minister and representatives of national companies.

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