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73yo Kazakh grandpa cracks record with a superpower talk

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73yo Kazakh grandpa cracks record with a superpower talk

73 y.o. Kazakh grandpa has cracked his own record in lifting a wood block. This time he lifted a six-kilo wood block 9 thousand times during four hours and 22 minutes. Ivan Ivanov, known to everyone as Zhan-Ata, made meditations to establish connection with space a part of his preparations for the challenge.

The Kazakh record-breaker was brought up in an orphanage and that is where his name comes from. (The name Ivan is unusual for ethic Kazakhs.) He considers himself a person possessing superpowers.
It is not the first time that Zhan-Ata is surprising people with his unique performances. His previous spectacular demonstrations included swing a punching bag with his psychic abilities, lifted a wood block multiple times and performing one thousand sit-ups.

Although his name is already in the Kazakhstan’s Record Book, Zhan-Ata says, he is not doing it for the Guinness World Record, but to popularize healthy lifestyle among his fellow Kazakhstanis.

Every morning he does morning exercises, runs 7 km (4.3 miles) and starting from March till late Fall he walks barefoot.

In his youth he was a USSR master of sports in boxing and sambo and studied martial arts in a Shaolin Monastery.

 Zhan-Ata has promised to continue surprising the public with his new records.

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